Raise Voice Towards The Manufacturing Of Fake Id In Country

I originally wrote most of this on January 6th, 2011, before Senate Bill 6 was introduced. I have attempted to read SB 6 in its entirety, however, there were so many changes, it was hard to track. Some of the things suggested in my article may have already been addressed.

Also, why don’t the Mexicans fight for their country to change. They come from poverty there, they sneak across the border, buy fake ID’s and SSN, work at jobs supposedly not done by us, take welfare, and then want us to give them citizenship. They have become self righteous. Yet the criminal actions taken to get here were so bold. Where was that fighting spirit in Mexico?

This all flashed through my mind as I was being walked out of the bar by the police along with a very belligerent frat boy. Luckily our sorority president was standing right with me, since she’s over 21. She was trying to handle the situation as best as she could, sending the busses speeding away so nobody else would get nabbed. She gave me a hug, because I was quite obviously upset and scared outa my mind of going to jail.

Let’s get a few things straight. 411 is the number you call for information. 911 is the number you call for an emergency. A couple of dumb criminals that were running a meth lab decided to make a call to 411 for some information. Instead they dialed 911 and quickly hung up when they realized their mistake. The police later showed up to see what had happened and found the meth lab.

Our National ID number contains 13 digits. The structure is “DDRTTUUSSSSSS”. The 1st two digits “DD” for District code of the ID holder, next one digit “R” for R.M.O code, the next two digits “TT” for Thana code, next two “UU” are for Union code and the last “SSSSSS” six digits are a sequential number for each citizen of the country. The figure shown below shows the structure of the National ID of Bangladesh which has been created by BEC (Bangladesh Election Commission).

As she was hugging me I decided to slip my click this into her back pocket so when the cops asked for it and searched me, they would’t find anything… but then they brought out the dreaded Breathalyzer. They decided to breathalyze the belligerent frat boy first, which gave me time to brainstorm. I started to salivate, and welled up a bunch of saliva inside my mouth while they threw him in the back of the cop car.

Even though fake i.d. cards are easily available in the market, but one thing which very often strikes your mind is how to make fake i.d. Making fake i.d. cards is a long process and there are various processes which is involved in making such cards. The first step which is necessary in making fake i.d. is to gather all such stuffs which are required to make a specific i.d. card, either driving license or any other i.d. proof. After that you need to find out the appropriate fake i.d. template which will suit that fake i.d. card. You should also keep in mind about the editing which has to be done, in order to make it different from the original i.d. cards. Apart from that there are various other details which have to be kept in mind while manufacturing fake i.d. cards.

It was actually funny watching the protest last year. Streets full of illegal immigrants with signs walking around wanting freedom of speech, freedom to protest and insisting they be allowed to do everything their way. Why did they refuse to do that in Mexico? Why not fight for better there? Fight for change and rights?

People who have moved and have not yet updated their address have photo ID, but they are no longer qualified to vote at their old address. Theoretically, they could vote in two different places. At the same time. No one checks.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, it’s not important how you get clean/sober. If you’re able to quit on your own the more power to you! If not, then maybe try a 12 step program. It’s not important to me how a person quits, but rather simply that they do. The one thing I can say is that I believe that nothing will work until you do it for you.

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